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Dealing with excessively low temperatures has been made easy; thanks to your furnace working tirelessly to ensure you can do the things you do and remain comfortable at the same time. While running, it is quite normal for your heating system to produce some noise since it involves rotating parts. However, if the sound begins to become annoyingly loud, your system is telling you to pay attention.

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Unusual sounds coming from your furnace should be addressed immediately. Some of the noises include rattling, banging, whistling, and screeching. These sounds tell you there’s something wrong with the unit and requires inspection and you should not ignore them.


One of the most common reasons a furnace produces a rattling sound is a loose bolt in the access hatch. The hatch was probably opened and closed recently, but the bolts were not screwed down tight enough. With the help of a wrench, you can easily fix this yourself — but for your safety, be sure to turn the furnace off before doing so.

A rattling sound can also be caused by a cracked blower motor fan belt. Such belts are similar to the ones in car engines, connecting the motor to the fan. If the belt suffers any damage, it can make a rattling noise as it works. If this the case, the belt will need to be replaced before it becomes loose and causes more damage. This step requires the expertise of a qualified technician.

Your furnace can produce a rattling sound and it can be due to a dirty burner. Since burners are connected to the gas line, it’s best to have a professional do this task for you.


A banging sound can come from the fan, which can get too dirty, and sometimes, it may have caught something in it. You may be surprised to discover that technicians have found different items stuck in a furnace, such as tin foil, paper, and even birds and rats! Professional cleaning may be necessary to remove any foreign materials and give your furnace a thorough, detailed cleaning.

An unbalanced blower wheel can also create a banging sound. Do not take this issue lightly because an unbalanced blower wheel can explode and harm your property and family. Oftentimes, the lack of maintenance, such as a dirty filter or the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris can compromise the wheel’s balance and cause it to make banging noises. Ignoring this problem will cause the wheel to break down completely. Regular filter replacement helps avoid this problem.


Your furnace filter may be a part that is fairly easy to maintain but neglecting it can cause several problems, one of which is a whistling sound. This happens when the heated air struggles to pass the space left by the dirty filter. The dirt contributes to the motor’s wear and tear since it works harder to blow air through the small openings left on your filters.

A more alarming reason why your furnace produces a whistling sound is a defective gas supply valve, which causes the gas flowing through your system to come out at high pressure. If you smell gas in your home, it’s best to turn the furnace off and call an HVAC professional to protect your home from fire and the effects of inhaling the gas.


High-pitched screeching or squealing is one of the most common sounds you can hear from a malfunctioning furnace. A worn motor belt can cause your furnace to produce this sound, especially if you have an old unit. The belt connects the motor to the fan, and over time, the belt can stretch or get misaligned, creating screeching sounds.

If you have a newer furnace but still hear it squealing, it can be due to a faulty inducer motor. The bearings in the motor can wear out and cause metal parts to grind against each other. This rubbing creates a loud screeching sound. This issue requires a professional to inspect the inducer motor and ensure the bearings are working properly or determine if a repair is needed.

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