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During this time of year, a heat pump is your perfect companion — a piece of equipment that gives you comfort and helps you and your family enjoy a good night’s sleep. But like any other home appliance, your heat pump is not going to be with you for life. It has parts that are subject to wear and tear. Therefore, a time is coming when it will finally bid goodbye. The question is, do you know whether your existing heat pump is due for a replacement?

Thankfully, there are warning signs that give you a hint your HVAC system is getting old and inefficient. In this blog, we are going to provide you with helpful information that tells you it might be time to start shopping for a new heat pump.

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Monstrous Energy Bills

While your heat pump is a relatively more economical HVAC system compared to operating a furnace or an air conditioner, excessively high utility costs are telling you that your heat pump consumes too much energy. This assessment is particularly true if your usage remains the same but the cost of running your heat pump keeps increasing.

If the cause of the prodigious energy bill is as simple as a dirty filter, then the solution is quite simple: replace or clean the air filter. This simple task will dramatically improve your heat pump’s airflow and overall performance.

However, there are other reasons for your unit to consume more energy, like duct issues, insulation problems as well as equipment wear and tear.

Unsatisfactory Heating

Your heat pump may fail to provide your heating demands, and one of the reasons is a low refrigerant charge. The refrigerant is an essential substance in the heat pump that transfers the heat to your home. When your unit is low in coolant, it cannot move the heat effectively. Just as how poor airflow affects your heat pump’s energy efficiency, so does low refrigerant can also cause your electricity bills to increase since the unit needs to work harder than normal.

Most of the time, low refrigerant is caused by a leak, which can take place within the system coils and line sets that move the refrigerant. Since the refrigerant is virtually invisible, you need the help of a qualified technician to precisely spot the leak, seal it off, and recharge the refrigerant as needed. This job also requires a particular set of tools and devices to ensure your heat pump has the right refrigerant charge.

Unusual Smells

In any HVAC system, weird smells tell you there is something wrong with the unit, and heat pumps are no exception. When you smell musty and rotting odors, pay close attention because this may indicate the formation of mold or there is a dead animal trapped inside your unit.

Perhaps one of the problems that demand immediate attention is burning odor. It means there is a serious problem with the unit’s electrical system, which can be a fire hazard. When you experience this problem, be sure to turn the heat pump off immediately, call an HVAC professional to have it checked and fixed. However, if the damage is too severe and the unit is quite old, you may need to prepare for a complete unit replacement.

Worn Parts

As mentioned earlier, your heat pump can suffer from aging parts and deliver subpar performance. At some point, some components such as motors, capacitors, and the compressor will become inefficient, making it very hard for the system to perform its task. When a condenser motor begins to fail, it becomes unable to transfer the heat to your home effectively. The motor starts to work harder, and the thermostat is not satisfied, causing the motor to run longer than usual. Not only does this issue cause an increase in your utility bills, but it also shortens your heat pump’s lifespan.

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