April 20, 2023 Uncategorized

Purchasing a furnace can be a costly undertaking, and many consumers turn to the internet to find better prices than their local HVAC company New Hope MN in can offer. While online deals can be attractive, homeowners should be aware of potential hidden costs.

● One major concern is that many furnace manufacturers do not provide a warranty for equipment purchased online. This is because they cannot guarantee the quality of the equipment and do not want to be held liable if it fails. Without a warranty, homeowners may face significant repair or replacement expenses if the furnace does not perform as expected.

● Another challenge is finding a contractor to install the furnace. Some contractors refuse to install equipment purchased online, while others may do so but without guaranteeing the equipment or their labor. Contractors may be hesitant to put their reputation at risk by working with equipment of unknown quality.

● Furthermore, reputable Brooklyn Center Hope heating and air conditioning contractors typically prefer to conduct an on-site assessment of a customer’s home before making a product recommendation. This helps ensure that customers purchase the right furnace for their needs and builds a long-term relationship based on trust and service, which can be valuable to homeowners.

Marsh Heating & Air Conditioning, with over 37 years of experience serving the Twin Cities area, is ready to assist you if you are considering purchasing a furnace. Our team of highly-trained service technicians and personalized attention can make a difference in your home’s heating and cooling needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.