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During cold winter nights, your furnace has to run for longer periods, which translates to an increase in your energy costs. There are times when you even have to let your unit work uninterruptedly.

There are simple tweaks you can do to ensure your furnace runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and in this article, we’d like to share a few tips.

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Here are a few tips you might want to consider.

Keep Your Furnace Clean

Cleaning can cut energy costs. You can save up to 5 percent on your heating costs by simply keeping your furnace clean. Easy steps such as cleaning and lubricating mechanical parts can mean a lot. Not only does it help save on energy, but it also helps clean the air that circulates throughout your home.

Manage Your Filters

This is probably the simplest yet most effective way you can do to minimize your heating costs. Keep in mind that clogged filters block the airflow which causes your furnace to work harder, using more fuel in the process. If neglected, it can even cause severe damage to your heat exchanger. Therefore, clean or replace your filters regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt in your heating system.

Switch to LED Lights

LED lights are a revolutionary, energy-saving lighting solution. With increasing electricity costs, it is wise to switch to LED lights because they are up to 70 to 80 percent more energy-efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs. Using less power per unit of light generated, these bulbs last longer than conventional incandescent and CFL bulbs. That’s even more savings for you in the long run!

Use ceiling fans in reverse.

Ceiling fans are great reinforcements for your furnace. So, if you have one or two in your home, use them during the cold months to help circulate the warm air and lower your energy use. Running them in reverse pulls the air upward, so the warm air that’s confined near the ceiling can move down the walls and around the room. This setting allows you to set your thermostat to a lower temperature without compromising your comfort.

Disconnect Unused Electronics

Contrary to what others might think that unplugged devices do not use electricity, the opposite bears the truth. According to the Department of Energy, constantly plugged in appliances can add up to $100 to $200 in your annual energy costs.

It’s best to disconnect unused appliances and devices to avoid wasting energy. You can also use power strips, which allow you to shut off the power to these devices all at once. Also, Consumer Reports estimates you can save as much as $25 to $75 annually by putting your computer on standby mode.

Choose Your Clothing Wisely

You don’t have to put that much pressure on your furnace just to keep you snug. You can lower the thermostat setting a little bit by putting on layers of thick clothes that help keep you warm. According to research, you can save 5 percent on your heating costs for every degree you drop your thermostat in the 60-degree to 70-degree range. It is recommended to keep your thermostat set at a maximum of 68 degrees during the day to effectively save energy.

Pay Attention to Your Windows

About 10 to 25 percent of your home’s heat loss has to do with your windows. To address this issue, open curtains and shades on south-facing windows during the day when the sun is up to allow the sun’s heat to penetrate your home and warm it up. In the evening, keep the blinds and curtains closed to insulate your house and keep the heat inside. You can also place blankets over bare windows and drapes, especially at night when windows are not in use and the temperature is at its coldest.

Ask The Heating Pros

The best way to ensure you save on heating costs is to have your furnace professionally maintained. Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is known for delivering top-notch Golden Valley furnace maintenance services. We will make sure your heating system is clean from the inside out and runs according to the manufacturer’s specifications.