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Spring brings a milder climate, which allows you to minimize your HVAC use. But that doesn’t mean you no longer have to maintain your heat pump. Sure, most of the parts of your unit are unseen, but they still need some tender loving care.

A heat pump that receives regular maintenance stays in tip-top shape, giving you outstanding performance and peace of mind. It also helps you lower the chances of severe damage, high repair costs, and ultimately, premature system failure.

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your leading HVAC company in Eden Prairie MN. We offer heat pump maintenance services that allow your unit to provide you with optimum comfort without the hassle.


Maintaining your heat pump the right way is essential to its smooth operation and long lifespan. According to the Department of Energy, the difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and an acutely ignored unit ranges from 10 percent to 25 percent. With that in mind, here are practical ways you can try to keep your heat pump working like magic.

Change your filters.

The air filter plays an important part in the normal functioning of your unit. It catches particles and ensures your heat pump has sufficient airflow. It may be the easiest to manage, but a lot of homeowners fail to check their filters and only pay attention when their HVAC system is acting up. A dirty filter reduces airflow and compromises the system’s performance, which can damage the compressor.

It helps to set a reminder each month to inspect your filter and see if it needs cleaning or replacement. We recommend replacing your filters once every 30 days, especially when your heat pump works non-stop. Regular filter replacement is also necessary if you have household pets.

Clean your heat pump.

Keeping your heat pump clean can go a long way in terms of energy efficiency and operational safety. Inspect the outdoor coils and see if they need cleaning. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, clean the outdoor coils and clean the blower fan (be sure the unit is turned off before doing so).

Clean the area surrounding the outdoor unit.

You can help maintain your heat pump’s efficiency by keeping the area surrounding the outdoor unit clean. Remove any dirt and debris that can hamper the heat pump’s operation. Using a garden hose, clear the top and sides of the unit. Also, prune shrubs and plants at least two feet on all the sides of the heat pump. These simple steps can greatly improve your system’s airflow, which positively impacts its overall performance.

Watch out for excessive noises.

Your heat pump’s operation involves different things that produce sounds. But if the noise becomes too much, it could indicate an ongoing problem with your unit. Abnormal sounds created by your heat pump can be brought about by several factors, including blocked registers, debris in vents, loose bolts, or a malfunctioning fan. For your safety, it’s best to call a qualified professional to detect the source of the loud noises and apply appropriate measures.

Consider professional heat pump maintenance.

Heat pumps are relatively easy to maintain, but to ensure they operate according to the manufacturer’s specifications, we recommend you consider professional maintenance.

There are maintenance steps that you may find too complicated, such as diagnosis and sealing off of leaking ducts, measuring adequate airflow and refrigerant, inspection for refrigerant leaks, belts, and electrical connections, lubrication of motors, and verification of correct electric control.

An HVAC professional possesses the proper training, knowledge, and experience to carry out these tasks. On the other hand, trying to do these steps on your own, especially without technical expertise, can do more harm than good. Therefore, we recommend you entrust the maintenance of your heat pump to a qualified technician at least once per year.

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