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During this time of year, heating can easily account for about half of your home’s energy costs. Therefore, it’s wise to look for ways to lower your heating bills while being able to effortlessly manage your heating system.

Energy-efficiency and automation are just two of the reasons why more and more homeowners are upgrading to smart thermostats, which are devices designed to help you be more efficient in using energy in instinctive, smart ways.

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Analog Vs. Digital Thermostats

Aren’t all thermostats the same? The quick answer is no. Analog thermostats incorporate a bi-metal strip that is connected to the thermometer, which expands when the temperature goes up and constricts when the temperature goes down. The contacts are connected to a mercury bulb, which acts as the conductive material to complete the circuit. These thermostats are the most basic and the cheapest on the market. Unfortunately, they aren’t as accurate in terms of reading your home’s temperature.

On the other hand, smart thermostats do not use mercury or glass bubbles. Instead, they use a device that measures the temperature from the sensors, which is read and assessed by a computer chip. Following a series of algorithms, the temperature is then displayed as a number on the screen. They may be more expensive than analog units, but smart thermostats deliver accurate temperature readings.

These nifty devices connect to the internet and allow you to control your home’s indoor environment via a smartphone application. They learn algorithms to help you set the most efficient setups for your thermostat at the most suitable schedules. Smart thermostats use smart assistants such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home to manage your thermostat and heating schedules via voice control.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

Similar to an ordinary thermostat, you have to manually make adjustments for the first few days. Then, the smart thermostat will acquire knowledge of your schedule and preferences and ensure the room is set to your comfort level when you arrive home. Most models have a way of knowing when you are home or away with the use of third-party collaborations or geofencing abilities.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Save You Money?

A smart thermostat can do more than just learn your schedules. In fact, it understands your behaviors and helps you set timetables that save the most energy. Certain models have the ability to log the frequency and nature of your interactions with the thermostat to pick up your preferences. Over time, these devices get a better idea of your positions, and they can give you suggestions for optimizing your schedule even more efficiently.

The more you use the device, the more accurate it gets in learning your heating setups. It can also learn how long it takes to heat up a room based on the outside temperature and your home’s heating patterns. This allows you to boost your energy savings while you are asleep.

With a smart thermostat, it’s easy to tell your furnace or air conditioner to run less when you’re away, so you will be using less energy by making your home comfortable only when you are in it. You can set the thermostat to run right before family members are scheduled to start coming home. This way, you will always come to a comfy, energy-efficient abode.

One of the benefits of using a smart thermostat is its ability to cut your household energy usage and costs by offering energy reports, which tell you how much energy you’re using throughout the month. With this information made available to you, a smart thermostat helps you develop more sustainable habits and make adjustments to your typical temperature settings.

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A smart thermostat is a wise investment in your family’s comfort and your home’s energy-efficiency. If you want more information about smart thermostats, give us a call. We’d love to give you factual information and help you make a prudent decision. We are your reliable Maple Grove heating and air conditioning company.