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Regardless of the season, having the right amount of moisture is beneficial to your home. Not only that, but it is also important for your throat, skin, and your overall wellness. While spring just arrived, the next season isn’t far off at all. When temperatures start to rise, people are going to start relying on their air conditioners to keep themselves comfortable at home. Running your AC isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but it will heighten an already existing problem, which is dry air.

Some people are particularly affected by dry air — they experience itchiness and discomfort in their nasal passages. Since breathing usually takes place through the nose, dry air can cause the inside of the nose to become dry and irritated. Not only is this dryness unpleasant, but it can also cause nosebleeds.

A whole-home humidifier is a great way to eliminate the problem of dry air in your home. Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted heating company in Elk River MN. We offer whole-home humidifiers designed to manage your home’s moisture levels.

Poor Humidity and Your Health

Insufficient humidity levels not only affect your nasal passages, but can also have an impact on your skin, throat, and eyes. Low humidity can be a cause of dry, irritated eyes since it intensifies the evaporation of tears. This condition may break the moisture balance necessary for a healthy, comfortable eye surface.

Your respiratory system, especially the upper part, is lined with moist membranes. These membranes are responsible for catching dirt, dust, viruses, and bacteria before they enter your lungs. When these membranes lose too much moisture because of dry air, they may no longer be as effective in catching germs.

As mentioned earlier, poor humidity can also affect your skin. When the air does not have the right amount of humidity, your skin will start to get dry, causing it to itch, flake, and have tightness around the joints. Such a problem can cause the cracking of the skin and chapped lips. If you have skin problems such as acne and eczema, dry air can also cause flare-ups and amplify your skin condition.

Poor Humidity and Your Home

Dry air can affect not only your health but also your home, especially the wooden items in it. If you have hardwood floors, artwork, books, or wooden furniture, poor humidity can cause them to lose moisture and contract, leading to cracks and other forms of damage.

Not only does poor humidity influences your health and wooden items, but it can also affect your electronic devices, which are sensitive to damage by condensation. Moisture can corrode internal contacts and lower insulation resistance, which may cause short circuits.

There is an effortless way to deal with all these problems: a whole-home humidifier.

What is a Humidifier?

A humidifier is an appliance that increases moisture in an individual room or an entire building. In the home, portable humidifiers are commonly used to add moisture to a single room, while whole-home or furnace humidifiers are connected to a home’s HVAC system, providing humidity to the entire house. 

Benefits of Using a Humidifier

A humidifier helps you heal faster. If you’re suffering from colds, allergies, or asthma, a humidifier can help lubricate your nasal passages, which aids in faster healing, especially when the air is dry. Also, the added humidity from a humidifier keeps the throat from drying out and relieves the intensity of snoring.

Properly moisturized air suppresses the development of viruses and bacteria. For this reason, a humidifier can keep you and your family from catching airborne diseases.

Humidifiers work quietly. They are not disturbing to your daily life and run efficiently in the background without most people even noticing.

Humidifiers are normally connected to the home’s plumbing system, so the water used for humidification is directly delivered to the unit. They provide moisture to your home without the need for constant checking on the equipment.

Ask the Humidification Pros

If you are looking to have a whole-home humidifier installed in your home, call Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning. We have an array of humidifiers packed with features that increase your comfort and eliminate the effects of poor humidity. We are your reliable Ramsey heating and air conditioning company.