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Why Your Air Conditioner Smells Bad

Running an air conditioner is an essential comfort, especially during the hottest parts of summer. But at some point, you turn your AC on and notice a rather foul or bizarre smell coming out from the vents. This article discusses some of the most common causes of dreadful odors released by your air conditioner.

For proper maintenance of your cooling system, your local HVAC company in Champlin MN can assure you that not only is it energy-efficient, it will also be free from those disgusting odors.

Rotten Egg Smell

If you are certain that there aren’t any rotten eggs anywhere in your home, but it somehow smells just like that, chances are, there is a decomposing animal within the ductwork. Rodents and birds have their own ways of getting into your home. If they die, decomposition will take place, which releases that horrendous smell. When you turn the air conditioning on, that smell will be circulated throughout the home. You have to eliminate the dead animal as soon as possible to get rid of the strong odor. If it isn’t an animal that’s causing this kind of stench, it is important to determine the smell as soon as possible to avoid any or further risk to your health.

Moldy Smell

It is quite common for HVAC systems to have a smell like mildew or mold. When the unit is running, a lot of condensation happens within the system. When the moisture doesn’t drain properly, it can escape into the ducts and mold can develop. Also called bacterial growth, mold and mildew will be transported through your indoor air once it has settled in your AC system. Other pollutants in your HVAC system will do the same if left unattended.

The best way to get rid of this smell is to determine where the cold buildup is and clean it thoroughly. If you are in any way uncomfortable doing this, your trusted HVAC technician can do it for you. He has the knowledge and equipment to handle the problem and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Exhaust Fumes

Not only is the exhaust fumes coming from your air conditioner irksome, it also poses danger to your health. Since cooling systems run on electricity and not fossil fuels, the exhaust is a warning sign that the fluids inside the motor or other components are leaking. For safety reasons, it is best to have a qualified technician inspect the cause of the problem and perform the necessary repairs.

Stinky Socks Smell

A dirty or clogged filter can cause your air conditioner to release the smell of stinky socks or smelly feet. The door originates from sitting water that is not draining properly and this collects and begins to smell. Similar to a moldy smell, this problem occurs when mold, mildew, and bacteria begin to develop within the system. The smell usually starts on the evaporator coils, where the bacteria and mold thrive due to excessive condensation. A germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light can kill the mold, but only a qualified AC professional can properly clean the entire system and get rid of the bad smell.

Electrical Odors

If you notice that your AC smells like it might be overheating, do not neglect the issue because it very well could be. Turn off the unit before attempting to diagnose the problem. Check your air filter and see if it is clogged. Dirty filters restrict airflow and overheat the electric resistance heaters. If the filter is not the cause of the problem, it could be a problem with the AC’s electrical system. It is highly recommended to have a professional inspect the unit and make the necessary repairs. Attempting to fix it without proper training can cause severe injuries.

Leave it to the Pros

If you notice your air conditioner is releasing any of these foul odors, call Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning. We have teams of qualified, licensed, and seasoned AC technicians who know air conditioners inside and out. We can spot the cause of the bad smell your AC may spew, get rid of it, clean the unit thoroughly, and eliminate that disgusting smell. We are your trusted Blaine AC repair contractor serving you for more than 40 years.