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The environment is not getting any younger. In the past century or so, technological advancements have made our lives easier but they did not necessarily help the environment. In comparison to other inventions humanity has developed in recent decades, HVAC has some of the smallest negative impacts on the natural world. Running a furnace or an air conditioner does not emit deadly amounts of greenhouse gases or damage marine life. But still affects nature.

With that in mind, we all should do our part in minimizing the harmful effects of our daily activities to the environment. One of the things to achieve this goal is by investing in ENERGY STAR- approved appliances and HVAC systems.

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your friendly HVAC company in Brooklyn Center MN that cares about you as well as the environment. It is our desire to help preserve nature that is why we partnered with manufacturers that design energy-efficient HVAC systems.


Established in 1992, ENERGY STAR® is a program overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy that regulates the energy-efficiency standards of appliances. In order to receive its seal, manufacturers have to submit their appliances for testing by the EPA. Each category has a threshold of acceptance that devices must meet in order to be considered ENERGY STAR® compliant.

The EPA began evaluating the impact of its program about two decades ago. Here are some of the actual amount of savings achieved by ENERGY STAR® appliances:

  • By 2007, U.S. households saved more than $16 billion on utility bills by using ENERGY STAR® appliances.
  • In 2012, businesses saved as much as $50 billion on their utilities.
  • In 2015, a consumer survey showed that 78 percent of people who purchased an ENERGY STAR® product were likely to recommend these products to a friend.


Different gas furnace efficiency qualifications and labels are used for specific regions of the country. In the southern half of the U.S., where homes generally need minimal heating, certified gas furnaces are labeled with a unique “U.S. South” ENERGY STAR logo. These systems are up to 11 percent more efficient than traditional furnaces and can save an average of $27 in energy costs annually.

On the other hand, certified gas furnaces in the northern part of the country will be labeled with the standard ENERGY STAR logo. These systems will be up to 15 percent more energy efficient than regular models and can save up to $75 in energy costs per year.

For a product to receive the ENERGY STAR label, it should meet strict energy efficiency requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When you choose an ENERGY STAR certified furnace and take steps to maximize its performance, you can improve your home’s comfort levels while saving energy at the same time. This leads to lower energy costs. It also helps protect the environment by helping prevent harmful carbon pollution and reducing other greenhouse gases.

ENERGY STAR certified furnaces have higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings and higher efficiency blower motors, making them more efficient and environment-friendly than regular heating systems.

When your home is properly insulated and air sealed, you can get better heating performance from your ENERGY STAR qualified furnace.

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Modern cooling systems are required to have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of at least 13. ENERGY STAR- approved air conditioners and heat pumps are way more efficient than standard models. For example, the Lennox XC25, which has achieved the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020, has an efficiency rating of up to 26 SEER. It offers precise comfort technology and maintains consistent temperatures within 0.5 degrees when paired with the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat.

ENERGY STAR-approved air conditioners and heat pumps use less energy and release fewer greenhouse gas emissions. This lowers the unit’s impact on the environment, which helps create a healthier world.

Upgrading an ENERGY STAR HVAC System

If you want to help preserve the environment and lower your monthly utility costs, consider upgrading to an ENERGY STAR-approved HVAC system. Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning offers an array of high-efficiency furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps duly approved by ENERGY STAR. We sure have one that meets your home’s comfort needs. We are your reliable New Hope heating and air conditioning company.