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Warning Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

Having a properly functioning air conditioner in your home is an essential convenience needed to help you perform your daily activities in the midst of a scorching summer heat.

However, cooling systems aren’t designed to last forever. It will come to a point where your unit will start to lose its efficiency and show signs that you need a replacement. It won’t be practical trying to keep up with an inefficient AC as it uses more fuel to keep your home conveniently cool. Also, an old air conditioner, especially if not properly maintained, has a high likelihood of failing and certain parts would need replacements. The problem is that the older your air conditioner gets, that harder it is to find replacement parts.

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Below are common issues that tell you it’s time to get a new cooling system.


Depending on usage and how you maintain your unit, the average lifespan of a home air conditioner is typically between 10-12 years. If your existing AC is around that age, it is highly likely that it’s costing you more to maintain it than you should.

Frequent Repairs

Old AC units tend to work harder to provide your home with the level of comfort it needs. This often leads to overheating and the failure of certain parts. Air conditioners suffer most breakdowns during the last two years of their lives. Another sign is when you need to wait to get a replacement part. As mentioned above, finding replacement parts for older an air conditioner gets more and more challenging.

High Utility Bills

Rise in fuel and power costs are not the only reason why you have high utility bills. As your air conditioner ages, it loses its efficiency, especially if it hasn’t been professionally maintained on a regular basis. This inefficiency makes your system run longer to provide the same level of comfort. The added workload results in higher electricity bills.

If you notice a continuous increase in your utility bills without a parallel increase in use, consider replacing your AC unit. The amount of money you save in the long run can help you pay for a new, more efficient cooling system.

Limited or Inconsistent Cooling

This is one of the most obvious signs that your AC is having issues. If you turn on the unit and the air doesn’t feel cool within a few minutes, it is possible that it’s not working properly. There could be problems with your ductwork, which restricts the airflow. Regardless of the cause, poor airflow is a clear cut sign that your AC has a problem that must be dealt with immediately.

If you have to constantly adjust the thermostat because you feel that some rooms are cooler than others, you may need to look into getting your air conditioner replaced. That’s because older AC systems are unable to properly distribute the cooled air throughout the home.

Moisture Issues

One of the functions of your cooling system is to regulate your home’s moisture levels. While all air conditioners produce moisture to some extent, but properly working ones should be able to handle it effortlessly. When an unusual amount moisture is present or there are leaks around the unit, chances are, the unit is leaking refrigerant. Not only does this cause your unit to operate poorly, it can also pose a great health risk to you and your family. Neglecting to deal with this problem can turn your home into a breeding ground for mold.

Weird Sounds

If you notice that your AC is noiser than it used to be, you might need to replace the unit soon. Strange sounds like grinding, squeaking, popping and chattering are signs of an aging air conditioner. A good AC is supposed to operate at a noise level that is virtually undetectable, so if your system is abnormally loud, you may need to start looking for a replacement.

Call the Cooling Pros

Trying to keep an underperforming air conditioner is not only inconvenient, it can also be dangerous to your health. If you need help in deciding whether it’s time to get a new AC, call Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning. Since 1974, we have been the preferred Fridley AC installation contractor that provides the best home comfort solutions.