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Spring brought mild weather, giving your heating system a badly needed rest. You also enjoyed a couple of months of lower energy expenses, as a result of the minimized use. However, summer is a whole different story. It’s time for you to run your air conditioner. In fact, there are days when you will be running it non-stop, which will cause a tremendous surge in your electricity costs.

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your total HVAC company in Minnetonka MN. In this article, we will give you some of the most common reasons why your energy costs are skyrocketing during this time of year.

Demand for energy is typically higher than in other seasons.

Most of the time, electricity prices are based on supply and demand. When the demand is high, the prices are generally high, too. Since everyone needs to be using a lot of energy to stay snug, utility companies usually increase their prices as the demand goes up.

Your AC runs almost 24/7.

Operating your cooling system makes up a significant portion of a household’s annual energy consumption. Overall, it accounts for 16 percent of electricity consumption across residential consumers in the country. Air conditioners run using electricity, while other major pieces of equipment like heating systems and water heaters can be run with gas. If your home utilizes gas heating and water heating, you don’t use as much electricity during cooler seasons, and you can expect a huge jump in your bill when you turn the AC on for the summer.

Your family spends more time indoors.

Since the weather naturally gets hotter in summer, people tend to stay at home more to remain comfy. It means that you’d have to run your AC even more while other devices and appliances are running at the same time.

Since kids stay at home for the summer, not only does it mean more people need cold air, but there are also more people leaving the lights on, watching TV, charging their electronic devices, and doing similar activities. All of the hustle and bustle in the house, in addition to constant AC use, can significantly increase your electricity bill.

Your AC is poorly maintained.

According to research, HVAC systems that do not receive regular maintenance experience a decline in efficiency by as much as 15 to 20 percent. The filter is one of the most manageable AC parts, but many homeowners neglect to keep their screens fresh. This part of your AC is responsible for keeping your air conditioner, ducts, and indoor coils clean. When ignored, a clogged filter becomes unable to perform its task, and instead of cleaning the air, it compromises it. When there’s insufficient airflow, it will take the AC longer to cool your home, using more energy. This also puts the entire system at risk as a dirty filter causes strain on the motors and compressor.

The most basic maintenance step you can take is to clean your filter at least once a month, which will give your system enough room to breathe and avoid suffocation. Not only does it help keep your electricity costs to a minimum, but it also aids in extending the life of your cooling system.

Youre using an old, inefficient air conditioner.

Air conditioners don’t come cheap. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that you want to use them for a long time to ensure they make the most out of your investment. However, old HVAC systems are more likely to be inefficient because of aging parts. They consume more power to cool your home, especially when compared to a new air conditioner. The problem is, that you spend more on energy, but you don’t really get your desired temperature if you’re dealing with an old AC.

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Whether your AC needs repair or maintenance, you need to take the necessary steps not only to save money but also to make sure your unit works in the best conditions. To find out more about how to save on your summer electricity bills, be sure to give us a call. We are your trusted Edina heating and air conditioning company.