December 4, 2018 HVAC Products

Lennox EL296E

Energy-efficiency is one of the main features smart homeowners are looking for in a brand new furnace. They understand that even if they may spend more on buying a high-efficiency furnace, that cost will eventually be reimbursed with lower monthly utility bills and fewer occurrences of system failures.

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Different gas furnace efficiency requirements and labels are used for distinct regions of the country. In the southern half of the U.S., where homes generally need less heating, certified gas furnaces will be labeled with a unique “U.S. South” ENERGY STAR logo. These systems will be up to 11 percent more efficient than traditional furnaces and can save an average $27 in energy costs annually.

On the other hand, certified gas furnaces in the northern part of the country will be labeled with the standard ENERGY STAR logo. These systems will be up to 15 percent more energy efficient than basic models and can save up to $75 in energy costs per year.

In order for a product to receive the ENERGY STAR label, it should meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When you choose an ENERGY STAR certified furnace and take steps to optimize its performance, you can improve your home’s comfort while saving energy in the process. This results in lower energy costs as it also protects the climate by helping prevent harmful carbon pollution and reducing other greenhouse gases.

ENERGY STAR certified furnaces have higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings and higher efficiency blower motors, making them more efficient than regular models.

When your home is properly insulated and air sealed, you can get better heating performance from your ENERGY STAR qualified furnace.

Features of the Lennox EL296E

Its Power Saver™ motor operates at constant torque to help maintain consistent airflow. Power Saver technology not only provides energy boost capabilities improving the overall system efficiency, similar to a variable speed furnace but also delivers higher SEER ratings in cooling mode. In continuous fan mode, this technology helps keep energy waste to a minimum.

Compared to older, low-efficiency models, the EL296E has an efficiency rating of 96 percent AFUE that can save you hundreds of dollars in heating costs per year.

The EL296E also has the capacity to make your home feel better during summer months. By operating at its lower speed, air spends more time in contact with the outside coil, the cooling engine of your air-conditioning unit. This helps reduce moisture levels inside your home to enhance your comfort.

When paired with a Lennox®heat pump, the EL296E creates a system that can automatically alternate between electricity and gas fuel to keep you warm. So you’re always using the most energy-efficient way to keep comfortable.

Its Two-Stage Gas Valve operates at a lower heating output for efficiency, switching to a higher output only when needed.

Every component of the EL296E has proven itself through extensive testing in our research labs. So you can take comfort knowing the furnace will deliver reliable performance, season after season.

With product registration, the EL296E may be eligible for a 10-year Limited Extended Warranty. Lennox also offers a 5-year Limited Warranty on covered parts and Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Heat Exchanger.

Call the Heating Experts

In addition to investing in an ENERGY STAR certified furnace, you should also consider choosing the right company to install your brand new system. Having it set up by an unprofessional, unlicensed technician will reduce your system from an energy-efficient machine to an ordinary heater.

To ensure you get the most out of your new furnace, have our HVAC professionals at Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning install your system. For your peace of mind, our technicians are factory-trained, certified, and have multiple years of solid experience in installing heating systems. We can assure you that your new heating system will be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We are your trustworthy Fridley furnace installation company that delivers no less than excellent service and unparalleled workmanship.