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Since the temperatures are much milder in the spring, this is a great time for you to have your HVAC systems maintained. Your furnace can finally take a break from working like a horse last winter. On the other hand, your air conditioner is about to make another stretch of hard work in the weeks to come. Of course, you want to make sure your home is at just the right comfort levels.

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted HVAC company in Burnsville MN that can help you properly maintain your heating and cooling systems, keeping them at peak performance year-round.

Here are some spring preventive maintenance tips you might want to consider.

Filter Management

It is recommended to change your filters every month, especially during the months when your HVAC systems get the most use. The most common cause of HVAC system failure is a dirty filter. As dirt builds up, air is restricted to the point of your system overheating. This causes the motor to work with added pressure, which can lead to system failure.

Replacing the filter extends the life of your system, keeps your energy and repair costs down, maintains your indoor air clean, and keeps your HVAC system in great shape.

When replacing your filter, look at the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV), which ranges from 1 to 12. Get a higher number as it means better filtration.

Outdoor Unit Inspection

The external unit of your HVAC system has likely accumulated debris over the past few weeks. Before working on landscaping projects, be sure to clean up the area surrounding the HVAC system. Remove leaves, branches, and dirt that have been collected about two feet from the outdoor unit. Also, trim bushes and plants that are growing near it. Use a vacuum attachment or a hose to wash off the coils from the grimy winter buildup. This will help the system breathe much easier and keep it from having unnecessary stress.

This is also the perfect time to visually inspect the outdoor components of your HVAC system like the condenser. Look for visible damage and if something looks unusual, call a qualified technician. You don’t want to operate an HVAC system with a damaged condenser, which can be a serious problem when you need to run your air conditioner.

Duct Cleaning

Your duct network enables forced air to be distributed throughout your home. Like your filter, your ducts also need to be cleaned periodically by a professional. In addition to dust and debris accumulation in your ducts, there are also other points you need to consider why your HVAC system needs to be professionally cleaned. Some of these factors include pets, cigarette smoke, construction works or if there are people in your home who have allergies or asthma.

Professional duct cleaning is important because many sections of your HVAC system may not be accessible for visible inspection. When ducts are clogged with significant amounts of dust and debris, your indoor air quality is compromised.

Having your ducts cleaned offers a number of benefits including increased system energy-efficiency. The Department of Energy states that 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted. Even when filters are replaced, the duct network still gets dirty through day-to-day use. When the HVAC system and ducts are clean, you will get the comfort you desire without the system having to work too hard. This means that less energy is used and more savings for you.

Professional HVAC System Maintenance

Do you want to extend your system’s lifespan? Do you want your air conditioner or furnace to work at peak efficiency? Would you like to detect potential problems before they get expensive? If your answer is a ‘yes’ on each of these questions, you should consider having a professional inspect and maintain your HVAC system at least once per year.

ENERGY STAR recommends that homeowners have their heating systems serviced in the fall and their cooling systems maintained in the spring. Since the temperatures are milder during these seasons, scheduling a maintenance project is easier. Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning offers top-tier HVAC maintenance services. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified to maintain even the most advanced HVAC systems. We are your reliable Shakopee heating and air conditioning contractor that has been given the honor “Premier Dealer” by Lennox Industries.