June 23, 2017 Info Articles

Learn the Warning Signs that Your Home is in Need of Central AC Repair

Central air conditioning can be a blessing during the muggy summer season. However, when problems begin to occur with your cooling system, it can make your life very uncomfortable. Here are some of the major signs to look for when the cool air begins to decrease. Heating & air conditioning does not have to be costly when problems are found early.

Rattling, Buzzing or Ticking Sounds

Hearing unusual sounds coming from your AC unit indicates that something inside the unit is not in sync. It could be something as minor as a loose screw or something as major as a bad blower motor. This is not a DIY project, though. Contact a specialist in AC repair as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

warning signs

Standing Water Next to Unit

All air conditioning units create condensation, but there are established routes for this water to follow. A puddle that is building beside of the unit is reason for concern. The most common issue is a blockage in the tube. The said tube might’ve been disconnected completely. Either way, this is a fairly inexpensive item to repair.

Air Not as Cold as Normal

AC units should be properly maintained on a yearly basis. If this was neglected, there may be simple air flow issues that are preventing the air from circulating properly. The refrigerant lines may also need checked for re-charge or additional insulation. A specialist in AC repair can fix these issues during a regular maintenance check. Be sure to schedule before you really need the cool air.

High Energy Consumption

There are many reasons why an AC unit may be wasting energy. Leakage around the vents, age of the unit and clogged filter are a few of the reasons how energy can be wasted. If your unit is over 10 years old, it may be time to look into a new Energy-efficient unit that can cut your average utility bill by $115 per year.

Have your central AC unit scheduled for annual maintenance before the heat kicks in. Listen to the recommendations of this professional and take the necessary steps required. Being in the smoldering heat because certain warning signs were not heeded is no fun, especially during the hot summer months.


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