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For the most part, your thermostat does its job in stealth mode, working silently, in the background, without you having to worry about it. It is instrumental in commanding the rest of your HVAC system to do their jobs. However, when it fails, everybody in the home will notice the difference. As small as it is, your thermostat can cause inconvenience if it isn’t able to perform its task.

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Your thermostat detects the actual indoor temperature and compares it to your desired temperature setting. If the room is too hot on a summer day, it will tell your air conditioner to add cool air to the room. If it’s too cold, it will request your HVAC system to heat the air and create a comfortable living space.

The location of the thermostat plays a big part in properly reading the temperatures. If it’s placed near a window or a doorway where it could be airy, it may think that the house is actually warmer than it actually is. This will cause the thermostat to tell the HVAC system to lower the temperature when it doesn’t need to. This will result in inconsistent temperatures and the needless increase in your electricity bills.

The same thing can happen if the thermostat is located near a heat source, such as direct sunlight, a refrigerator compressor or cooking appliances.

Taking away the location as the cause of the problem, there are still ways to tell whether a thermostat is doing fine or acting up. Check out these common signs:

Your HVAC system won’t turn on.

Whether it’s an AC or a furnace or a heat pump, you can detect a thermostat problem if the system fails to power on. This occurs when there is a problem in the wiring that connects the HVAC systems, or maybe the thermostat is sending the wrong signals or commands. Also, it could be reading temperatures wrongly and as a result it fails to turn the system on.

These types of issues require professional inspection, so it’s wise to consult a qualified HVAC technician to assess the problem and apply appropriate solutions.

The thermostat’s screen won’t turn on.

A thermostat screen that doesn’t turn on or is only displaying data part of the time can cause problems with your heating or cooling system. This problem can be resolved simply by resetting the thermostat (turning it off and back on).

In some cases, it may only need fresh batteries to work. Just take away the old ones and install the fresh ones, and voila! It’s back online.

Dirt can also be a factor to cause your thermostat’s screen to not turn on. Make sure the inside of the thermostat is clean.

There are times when the thermostat needs to be replaced altogether, especially if there are electronic issues. Most of these issues are covered by the warranty, so check your warranty certificate to be sure.

There are varying temperatures throughout your home.

When you notice that a certain room is cooler than the rest, it’s telling you that there’s something wrong with your system. While it can be a problem mainly on the air conditioner or furnace itself, but you cannot discount the fact that it could also be the thermostat that’s causing the problem. A faulty thermostat is unable to properly read the temperature and therefore causes inconsistent readings. Also, a malfunctioning thermostat turns the HVAC system on and off unnecessarily. As a result, the rooms that are farther from the central system will not receive the same temperature as the ones closer to the unit.

Having Thermostat Problems? Call Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning

Your thermostat may be a small device, but it is essential to your overall home comfort. When it fails to do its job, everyone in the house is affected. If you are having troubles with your thermostat and troubleshooting doesn’t seem to work, call Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning. Our technicians are duly trained to deal with any HVAC issues you may have, including a malfunctioning thermostat. We’ll restore your comfort in no time. We are your reliable Minnetonka AC repair company.