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By simply taking on basic tasks a month attending to your HVAC system, you can save money on repair costs. Even if you’re not a handyman, you don’t have to be intimidated by the thought of taking some HVAC maintenance steps.

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your friendly HVAC company in Ramsey MN that offers professional maintenance of any HVAC system.

Here are easy tips that even untrained homeowners can do to help reduce HVAC repair costs.

Manage your filters regularly.

Your heating and cooling systems are equipped with filters, which are responsible for protecting the indoor unit from all the dust, hair, and other gunk from can enter the system. It also helps improve the quality of your indoor air by keeping pollutants from being circulated throughout your home.

While your filters eliminate debris, dust, and other particles from your indoor air, your HVAC systems begin to gather these elements on the filter itself. Clogged filters congest airflow, causing the system to work harder. For this reason, it is important to clean your filters at least once per month or replace them as needed. Check your user’s guide to know if you have a disposable or a non-disposable type filter. Clean filters allow your furnace to work as efficiently as possible, giving you both clean air, lower utility bills, and less likelihood of system malfunctions.

Pay attention.

The way a motor sounds tells a lot about its condition. Listen to your HVAC system and take note of odd noises like rattling, thumping, grinding, and buzzing. These sounds tell you there’s a problem somewhere in the system.

If you are struggling with hot and cold spots, weak airflow, thermostat problems, splashes around your indoor unit, contact a qualified professional for troubleshooting help. The sooner you address the issue, the less damage it can do and the less it will cost to restore it.

Keep the area surrounding your HVAC system clutter-free.

When your furnace or air conditioner is running, it is quite normal for it to heat up because it has several components running at the same time. One simple tip to avoid overheating is to maintain the space around your system clean. Make sure that an area of at least 3 feet around the unit is unoccupied. Placing items too close to the unit can be harmful as they can cause to start a fire, so keep combustible items away from the unit.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your HVAC system has sufficient airflow is by clearing your air vents. Blocked vents can cause your unit to overheat and shut itself down. Not only will cleaning your air vents help your furnace or air conditioner have enough airflow, it can also help minimize allergens and other contaminants.

Clean the outdoor unit.

Most homeowners tend to forget about their HVAC system’s outdoor unit, but it actually needs some attention, too. Check to ensure that the unit is laid on a flat, level surface and remove any debris, leaves, or twigs from the area. Trim the plants and shrubs by at least three feet from the outdoor unit. Disconnect the power, take away the access panel and clear out any debris with a vacuum. Then, wipe down the inside and outside of the unit to get rid of dirt.

Check the condensate lines.

Your HVAC systems’ condensate lines won’t usually develop clogs if your equipment is regularly maintained, but you can never be too careful. Moisture should be draining through the condensate lines and dripping on the outside. If you notice pools of water around your HVAC system, you may have a clogged drain line that should be attended to by a qualified technician.

Professional HVAC System Maintenance

The steps mentioned above are simple maintenance tips you can do on your own, but for the more complex ones, it’s best to consult an HVAC professional. Annual maintenance is the most effective way to keep your HVAC system in great shape. Professional inspection improves the efficiency and reliability of your system. Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning has teams of trained and seasoned HVAC professionals that can ensure your furnace or air conditioner works at peak performance. Schedule a preventive maintenance check with us and identify issues before they even become serious problems. We are your reliable Elk River heating and air conditioning contractor.