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The heating season is only a few weeks away. Before winter officially starts, you have to ensure your furnace is up for the challenge.  It needs to be tested for functionality, safety, and energy-efficiency. This is something you’d have to do sooner than later because you wouldn’t want to deal with a malfunctioning furnace in the midst of a blistering cold winter night.

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Here are helpful tips to consider before having your furnace in full swing.


Your thermostat’s job is to control the heat within your HVAC system, and it’s one of the first things you have to check. Switch your thermostat from cooling to heating and set the temperature a few degrees higher than the room temperature. If the furnace is unable to heat the room within a minute, check the thermostat’s connections and ensure everything is secure. If it’s still not working, call a professional.


A dirty furnace uses more power to heat your home. For this reason, you should install a new filter once at least every three months, as they do get quite dirty during the heating season. If you have pets or smokers in the home, you should replace your filters every 30 days. While you’re at it, change your humidifier’s filter. Having clean filters installed improves airflow and prevents the spread of household contaminants.


Ensuring proper insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep the temperature controlled throughout the home. A great amount of heat can be lost through your roof, so it’s important to have your attic properly insulated. Also, try to look for drafts around windows and doors, and seal up any leaks. When your HVAC system is not competing with the outside temperature coming into your home, it will be able to keep your system working effortlessly. This is beneficial in terms of maintaining a consistent heat throughout the home and lowering your utility bills.

Heat Exchanger

Your furnace’s heat exchanger is responsible for transferring or “exchanging” heat from one place to another. This part needs to be brushed and vacuumed out at least once per year (particularly before the heating season). It is crucial to inspect the unit for cracks, which could lead to harmful carbon monoxide leak into your home. For your safety, have a qualified professional deal with your heat exchanger if you discover any cracks in it.


Your duct network plays an important part in distributing heated air throughout your home. That’s why it should be cleaned periodically to allow efficient heating as well as to provide clean, fresh air throughout your home. Inspect your ducts for cracks, leaks, dents, and disconnected parts, as these can cause the development of mold. Have your ducts properly sealed and insulated to keep heated air from escaping. If you think this step can be a little complex for you, call a professional.


Your system needs proper airflow to effectively distribute heated air. Ensure your vents are completely uncovered and that there is nothing blocking them. Blocked vents prevent heat from getting out and they also drive your heating up. When neglected, a blocked vent can cause your furnace to overheat.

Annual Professional Furnace Maintenance

This is undeniably the best way to prepare your furnace for winter. During a maintenance check, the technician inspects everything from the motor to electrical switches to belts. A professional can detect a potential problem before it becomes an actual complication. This is the best way to avoid future repairs. Professional furnace inspection also ensures your furnace is working at peak performance. As a result, furnace maintenance helps you save considerable money on utilities and repairs.

Heed Help? Call Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning

These guidelines can help you prepare your furnace for yet another busy season. If you are looking for professional furnace maintenance and inspection, give us a call. We have teams of certified and seasoned HVAC technicians who are trained to install, repair, and maintain all HVAC systems, especially furnaces. We are your dependable New Hope heating and air conditioning company.