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Saving some cash is important to every family, especially if you’re on a fixed income. When it comes to home comfort, did you know that by simply using a smart thermostat you caneffortlessly control your HVAC equipment while saving money in the process?

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If you are still using one of those old, traditional thermostats, it may be time to switch to a new, smart model. While you might say that your existing thermostat has been serving you faithfully for decades, but you have been missing out on a lot of benefits, especially savings on utilities.

Smart thermostats offer advantages you didn’t even know were possible. These nifty devices connect to the internet and allow you to manage your home’s indoor environment via a smartphone application. They are able to learn algorithms to help you set the most efficient setups for your thermostat at the most suitable schedules. Smart thermostats use smart assistants such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home to manage your thermostat and heating schedules via voice control.

How Does it Work?

Similar to an ordinary thermostat, you have to manually make adjustments for the first few days. Then, the smart thermostat will acquire knowledge of your schedule and preferences and ensure the room is set to your comfort level when you arrive home. Most models have a way of knowing when you are home or away with the use of third-party collaborations or geofencing abilities.

Money Saving Features

A smart thermostat can do more than just learning your schedules. In fact, it learns your behaviors and will help you set schedules that save the most energy. Certain models have the ability to log the frequency and nature of your interactions with the thermostat to learn your preferences. Over time, these devices get a better idea of your positions, and they can give you suggestions for optimizing your schedule even more efficiently.

The more you use the device, the more accurate it gets in learning your heating setups. It can also learn how long it takes to heat up a room based on the outside temperature and your home’s heating patterns. This allows you to boost your energy savings while you are away or asleep.

Two-way communicating smart thermostats are monitoring your usage 24/7, collecting data and sharing it with you day in and day out. Their remote interfaces show how much energy you are consuming and can even estimate your potential costs. This data can then be used to make manual adjustments to your settings or you can just let the thermostat do it for you. It all depends on the information gathered by the smart thermostat. The more you know, the easier it is to make changes to your temperature settings and see how it affects your energy usage.

Certain thermostat models will switch to an eco mode when you’re away, so you’ll automatically be saving energy. This is attained by the use of sensors that distinguish when someone is at home or when everyone has left and there’s no movement in the house. Geofencing may also be used to know when your phone is out of range of your home, telling your system that it’s okay to switch to eco setting. When you’re away for longer periods of time, like for a vacation, you can turn the system off and your smart thermostat will only turn it on when temperatures get too high or low, preventing emergencies like frozen water pipes.

You can maximize your energy savings when you have a zoned HVAC system, which gives you more control over the temperature in individual rooms.

Also, if you live in a region with higher energy rates or extremely high or low temperatures, you will notice greater savings by using a smart thermostat.

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