October 18, 2018 Heating and CoolingTips and Advice

How Annual HVAC Preventive Maintenance Helps Prevent HVAC Problems

Having a working HVAC system in your home is an essential convenience needed to protect your family from the effects of exposure to extreme weather. While many homeowners fail to schedule their system’s annual preventive maintenance, it’s actually more important than it seems.

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There is only one goal why you need preventive maintenance: to keep your HVAC system up and running all season long, especially during the harshest weather. You wouldn’t want to deal with a broken furnace on a chilly winter night or a failing air conditioner during a scorching summer day. The sad truth is that most homeowners pay attention to their HVAC system only when it stops working and causes them discomfort.

Just like how you would take care of your car, your heating or cooling system also needs special care and attention to ensure it serves you as long as it should. Even if you invested in an expensive, top-of-the-line HVAC model, failure to properly maintain the system will lead to the inevitable breakdown of parts. With annual preventive maintenance done in a timely manner, you can reduce the incidence of repairs, saving you money in the process.

Benefits of Annual HVAC Maintenance


Wonky wiring or loose connections can cause an electrical fire that not only can damage your HVAC system, but also your properties and life. During an annual system inspection, the technician will evaluate all connections and make sure everything works perfectly fine.

If you have a gas-fired furnace, its process involves the conversion of fuel into heat. A filthy furnace will likely release and circulate large amounts of carbon monoxide, a highly toxic, odorless, and colorless gas. Clogged burners can allow your heating system to distribute fatal amounts of carbon monoxide throughout your home, particularly if you have a central air system.

Professional HVAC maintenance can ensure your burners and vents are all properly and thoroughly cleaned, minimizing its carbon monoxide emission. You can use a carbon monoxide detector at home, but without professional furnace maintenance, you are still in danger.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Annual maintenance involves the replacement of your system’s filters, which collect large amounts of dust, debris, and pollen that can trigger or aggravate allergic reactions. Poor indoor quality is also associated with various respiratory diseases. The regular replacement of your filters, cleaning of ducts, and coils will ensure your system captures airborne pollutants. If you have children or people aged 60 or more in hour household, having clean indoor air is important because they are more prone to developing respiratory issues.

Longer Equipment Lifespan

By allowing your HVAC system to get its regular professional maintenance, you will have lower heating bills, avoid costly repairs, and more importantly, your system will serve you longer. The technician will clean and lubricate certain parts such as your air ducts, coils, and motor, which will make the entire system run more effortlessly. This will allow your equipment to be useful for more years than if you fail to properly maintain it.

Lower Chances of a Total Breakdown

Annual system maintenance will allow your technician to detect issues and correct them before they even become serious problems. Similar to other machines with moving parts, belts and gears can become worn and damaged over time. Replacing them before they completely fail can prevent a major part from failing.

Entrust Your HVAC System Only to the Pros

The proper maintenance of your heating and cooling system is a valuable investment in your family’s comfort and safety. You shouldn’t leave your system to someone who is not qualified for the job. To better protect your investment, allow only licensed, certified, and trained HVAC technicians to maintain your furnace or air conditioner.

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to let you know that our technicians are NATE-certified and have undergone rigorous training in order to properly maintain HVAC systems. Our professionals are some of the very best in the area. We are your reliable Fridley heating and air conditioning contractor that will be there when you need us.