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Now that the temperatures are getting sub-zero, you should all the more ensure your furnace is in excellent shape. There is nothing more troublesome than waking up cold in the middle of a winter night!

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your trustworthy heating company in Anoka, MN. If your furnace ever breaks down, we can help you get it back in shape and restore that toasty feeling in your home in no time.

Here are a few do-it-yourself tips you can follow when your furnace gives you a headache instead of warm air.

Check the filter.

The first place you would want to check is your furnace’s air filter, which is the part that cleans the air that goes into the furnace as well as the warm air that flows throughout the house. Air filters collect dust, debris, and other particles in the air. Over time, the filter stockpiles too much debris that it can restrict the air circulating through your furnace. This adds pressure to the furnace, causing it to work harder than it should. A dirty air filter blocks the airflow, resulting in a smaller amount of heat, a stressed-out furnace, mold buildup, higher utility and repair costs.

Unsurprisingly, dirty filters are one of the most common yet avoidable maintenance issues in residential furnaces. If you have a fairly new unit, good for you, because certain furnace models automatically shut down before too much dirt is collected, prompting you to clean or replace the filters. Unfortunately, older units don’t have this function and will keep on working – but with significantly diminished efficiency.

Preferably, your air filter should be replaced every 3 months, depending on how dirty it is. Set a monthly reminder to check your furnace filter.

To make sure you have the right filter, try these steps:

  • Remove the dirty filter to identify which type and size of filter your furnace has.
  • Find the right replacement. Filters are usually available at hardware stores, home improvement stores or online.
  • Look for the markings on the new filter that tell you which side of the filter should face the furnace. Slide the filter into place and put the cover back over it.
  • Don’t forget to take note of the date you replaced your filter.

Check the thermostat and circuit breaker.

Your thermostat’s job is to tell the furnace to function. This may sound witless, but check the thermostat to make sure it is set to “HEAT” and that it is programmed at least five degrees above room temperature. This alone might save you from a service call!

Here are a few thermostat inspections you can do on your own:

  • If you have a battery-powered thermostat and it won’t even turn on, check the battery. Certain thermostat models will flash a low battery symbol when they need to be changed. If so, you will need to replace them with fresh ones.
  • Open the thermostat and gently blow any dirt, dust, or debris that may have choked it.
  • If you have an electronic or programmable thermostat, set the date and time — the system may be on a timer.
  • If it’s still not working, manually test the breaker by flipping it back and forth.
  • Make sure it stays in the “ON” position.

This will reset the breaker. If the problem remains, you may have a more serious electrical problem. Call a qualified technician for help.

Check your gas valve and pilot light.

If the previous steps didn’t work, you may have an issue with your gas valve or pilot light. If the pilot light has gone out in your heating system, you need to light it up again. But before relighting it, make sure your gas valve is turned off. It may have been turned and left off accidentally, causing your furnace to produce less heat. Also, before lighting your pilot light again, turn off the gas for about 5-10 minutes to ensure that all fumes have evaporated and you can light it up the pilot safely.

Need Help? Call the Pros

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning has teams of qualified technicians who are adept at identifying furnace issues and applying the appropriate repair procedures. If you ever have any heating related problems, do not hesitate to call us, your friendly Champlin furnace repair contractor.