Shopping For A New HVAC System? Make Sure Your Contractor Has NATE Certification

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Correctly trained HVAC technicians can provide you with quality service on your heating and cooling equipment so that your house stays comfortable. With an expert, you will have peace of mind in knowing that the quality of service you pay for will be delivered. But, how do you tell if the technician working on your equipment is properly trained to give you the service you deserve? The best way to answer that question is to ask your contractor if he or she employs technicians that have their NATE certifications.

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Finally Getting Central Air Conditioning? Have A Qualified Contractor Look At Your Ductwork

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It is often assumed that upgrading to a central air conditioning system will require a ton of time and money on making modifications to your home’s ductwork. However, installing a central air conditioning system is a lot easier and more inexpensive than you might think. Before you make your upgrade, it is essential that you get a qualified contractor to take a look at your ducts.


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It’s Not Too Late To Get Tax Credits For New Energy-Efficient Equipment

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The government has recently extended the tax credits for new energy-efficient equipment through 2011. This makes right now an awesome time to purchase new heating and cooling equipment for your home. The qualifying equipment for the tax credits and utility rebates will save you money in two ways: the reduction of the amount you pay on your monthly utility bills and a discounted price on the new equipment.

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Key Components Of An Annual Service Check

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Homeowners here in the Twin Cities often ask whether they need to have an annual service check-up for their heating and cooling systems. Experienced HVAC contractors will generally explain that the annual service check can protect the health of your home comfort system, much like an annual physical will keep your body healthy.

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Why Preventive Maintenance Is So Important When It Comes To Heating And Cooling Equipment

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If you haven’t been maintaining your home comfort system, most likely your utility bills are much higher than they need to be. Your air conditioning and heating systems may not work as well as they used to. Your A/C could be heading for an inconvenient and expensive breakdown this summer, just when you need it most here in the Twin Cities metro area. Worst of all, your system may need to be replaced years sooner than it should down the road.


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Welcome To Marsh Heating And Air Conditioning’s New Home Comfort Blog!

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In our business, we speak with homeowners every single day about their home comfort options and concerns. We really enjoy helping local residents find heating and cooling solutions that fit their unique needs and budget. That’s why we’ve decided to start our new blog to provide Minnesotans in the Twin Cities area with expert advice on HVAC issues plus the latest information on new energy-efficient products.

Ever wonder...

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