Those Hefty Energy-Tax Credits Are About To Expire — Upgrade Now Or Lose Your Opportunity

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The federal tax credits for improving the energy efficiency of your home expire on Dec. 31. If you’ve been considering some positive changes to reduce your energy costs, now’s the time to do it. With winter bearing down, you’ll reap the benefit in home comfort, as well as savings.

According to Ene...

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Use Your Programmable Thermostat To Help Keep Energy Costs Down

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Using a programmable thermostat properly requires knowing your usual schedule. By programming your thermostat based on when you and your family are away from home, you can maximize energy savings while also reducing costs. 

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Arm Your Home With A UV Light System, And Keep Cold And Flu Season At Bay

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With cold and flu season upon us, now is the time to protect your house — and UV lights can help. These ultraviolet lights work as incredibly effective germicidal tools in your air system to prevent dangerous bugs from spreading throughout your home.


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Don’t Forget To Regularly Replace Or Clean Your Furnace Filter This Winter

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The Twin Cities area can have extraordinarily cold days during the winter that keep your furnace running hours every day. In order to keep your utility bills lower and your furnace working efficiently, be sure to clean or replace your furnace filters at regular intervals. Experts recommend cleaning or replacing once a month if it’s been exceptionally cold. The filters trap dust, keeping it from going into the furnace, your ducts and your lungs. Clean filters are the simplest and often the most effective way to get the most from your furnace and breathe clean air.

Many ...

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A Whole House Air Purification System Can Clear The Air In Every Room Of Your House

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Tired of allergies and frequent sick days? Your home’s indoor air quality may be at least partly to blame. According to experts, the impurities in our indoor air are a contributing factor in half of all allergies or illnesses. That is why a whole-house air purification system is so valuable. 

A who...

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A Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump May Be An Ideal Choice For Your Home Thanks To Its Flexibility

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Ductless mini-splits are ideal heating solutions for people looking for new ways to keep various parts of their home heated. They are flexible, simple to install and can save you a great deal of money when used properly.

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Don’t Skip Your Annual Service Check: An HVAC System That Runs Efficiently Saves On Energy Costs

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With winter fast approaching, are you sure that your HVAC system is prepared to generate the most energy savings possible? If you haven’t had your annual service check yet, you will probably end up paying too much on your monthly heating costs. The savings it creates can easily offset the cost of your service check.

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The Energy Star: Let It Guide You In Your Major Home-Comfort Decisions

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When making decisions on a new environmental comfort system for your home, the amount of money you have to spend is usually a key factor in choosing a system. Though the initial cost is an important part, it is also wise to factor in the total cost of a heating or cooling system over its lifespan.

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Ten Big Steps You Can Take Toward The Goal Of Cleaner Air In Your Home

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If you’re striving for better indoor air quality, there are 10 easy steps that will help you achieve that goal. By implementing these, you will be helping to protect the health and comfort of both you and your family. 

  • 1...
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Three Key Places In Your Home Where It Pays To Insulate

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With winter right around the corner, it is especially important to make sure that your home is as energy efficienct as it can be.  While there are many things that you can do to give your efficiency a boost, one of the most effective is to insulate areas where cold air commonly leaks in. 

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