Six Ways You Can Boost The Efficiency Of Your HVAC System

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With today’s high energy prices, as well as concerns about the environmental impact of fuel and energy consumption, finding ways to save energy may as well become our new national pastime. At Marsh Heating & Air Conditioning, we have some tips for how you can save energy in your Twin Cities home — without sacrificing comfort — by improving the efficiency of your HVAC system.

  • Replace your air fil...
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Selecting And Sizing Your New Solar System

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Solar energy heating systems are more cost efficient when installed in climates, even cold ones, having good access to the sun’s rays.  They are not generally used as stand-alone systems but usually work jointly with the existing power infrastructure to supplement your home’s power needs.  With the extremely cold winters in Minnesota, this supplemental power can help to reduce the amount of your heating bills significantly.

An extra ben...

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors: What You Should Have, And What It’s Good To Have

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Carbon monoxide is a deadly, odorless gas that can be present in your home without you knowing it. The gas is a byproduct of fuel-burning appliances, such as stoves, engines and gas furnaces. If carbon monoxide is not properly vented outside your home, it can build up and affect your blood cells, causing headaches, fatigue, nausea and even death. You can protect your family from this invisible killer by installing a carbon monoxide detector.

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Finding The Right Contractor: 10 Tips To Make The Job Easy

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Finding the right contractor for your HVAC installation is essential. You want someone who is honest, knowledgeable and an expert, someone who can not only install a new system, but who will know the best system to install, and the correct way to install it. With a little help from the federal Energy Star program, here are 10 tips for finding the right contractor:

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UV-Light System: A Key Player In Your Clean-Air Strategy

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When developing a clean-air strategy, you need a tool to help you rid your indoor air of germs that elude regular filters. A UV-light system will help you do just that. Paired with a high-efficiency air filter, a UV-light system will give you the highest indoor air quality possible.

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What To Keep In Mind When You’re Purchasing A HEPA Filter

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The tightly sealed homes of today are great at keeping the elements out, but they also keep pollutants in. It’s shocking to realize that indoor air can be filled with more pollutants than in the downtown Twin Cities area. The dirt and dust you see collecting on surfaces in your home is only the beginning.  If you want to breathe easier, consider a highly-effective HEPA filter. Here’s what you need to know about this kind of filter before you make the investment.

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Stay On Top Of Your HVAC Service, Or Your System May Let You Down

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The temperature of your home is the number one factor that determines your indoor comfort level.  Heating and cooling is also the single largest energy consumer in your home.  This is why it’s so important to keep on top of your HVAC service.  Proper maintenance will ensure your system doesn’t fail on you when you need it most while simultaneously making sure it runs as efficiently as possible.  Here’s what you can do yourself to keep your A/C unit running smoothly:

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Invest In That New Air-Conditioning System Now, Before Minnesota Really Heats Up

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The Twin Cities are heating up. Though the heat might initially be a nice change of pace from our permafrost winters, it can quickly become too much of a good thing. That’s why now is a good time to look at investing in a new air-conditioning system for your Twin Cities home.


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Standby Generator: It’s All Systems Go When Summer Storms Strike

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All that heavy snow from last winter is just a memory here in the Twin Cities area, and now it’s time to face up to something even worse — those heavy thunderstorms that can knock out power for hours — and even days.

It’s not just inco...

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Six Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Humming From Now Till Fall

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Now that summer has hit, you need to make sure that your air conditioner will keep you cool until fall. Here are six easy tips to get the most efficiency out of your unit and avoid costly repairs.

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