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AC Repair Experts on the Odd Noises that Might Keep You Awake at Night

It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when your AC is making a ruckus. While many homeowners are familiar with the unsettling sound of an unquiet air conditioner, few actually understand the reasons for these sounds. Following is a quick review of the most common noises ACs make and the likely causes of these sounds.

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A banging sound in your AC may mean a couple of things. For one, it can indicate a loosened rod or crankshaft—possibly a broken one. It can also point to more serious problems, such as a busted compressor that needs replacement. Because there are many variables that can explain the banging noise, it’s best to consult with a Maple Grove, MN heating & air conditioning contractor.


To be clear, hearing a clicking sound is not always a bad thing—sometimes, the sound is just a normal part of an AC’s startup and shutdown process. However, constant clicking while the AC is operating should be a cause for concern. This may signify a failing thermostat or a malfunctioning electrical part in your unit. Because such problems are electrocution hazards, it’s best to seek immediate professional help when dealing with this noise.


The noises you hear may not always be coming from the AC unit itself. Sometimes, they can travel through the duct system. This usually occurs when there are blower or fan problems. Squealing sounds emanating from the ducts are a dead giveaway that a blower or fan is about to break down. Don’t delay in having these parts checked to avoid bigger headaches down the line.


There are many reasons why a buzzing noise may be heard from an air conditioning unit. It can be caused by a loose part, debris in the indoor-outdoor unit, a loosened fan blade, or an expired, plugged air filter. Check out these parts first and see if any of them are causing the buzzing noise.

Think of AC noises as a distress call. By addressing these noises immediately, you can rest assured that bigger problems and expenses can be avoided. If you need help diagnosing the cause of the noise, immediately get in touch with an AC repair contractor serving Maple Grove, MN. 

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