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Air conditioners are pieces of equipment that usually last for well over a decade. But at some point, they will experience a decline in performance, signaling the inevitable (and sometimes expensive) upgrade. Now, choosing your next AC isn’t as simple as buying a new smartphone. You just don’t look at the latest model packed with amazing features. Instead, you will have to consider critical factors, including proper sizing.

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your trusted HVAC company in Champlin MN. For over forty years, we have been helping homeowners choose the right cooling systems for their home. Our professional technicians have in-depth training and multiple years of experience in the HVAC industry, making them qualified experts in the field.


Sizing your next air conditioner is more than just guesswork or basic estimation. You need to consult a trained HVAC professional to help you find the right cooling system for your home. 

Some of the factors that can affect your decision-making process include:

  • your home’s building materials,
  • its size, 
  • the direction it faces, 
  • the location and number of rooms, 
  • the type of windows and doors, 
  • their thermal efficiencies, 
  • your region’s climate, 
  • the height of your ceiling, among others.

Problems Related to a Wrongly Sized AC

Let’s say you chose an air conditioner that’s too large for your home. Such a unit will cause wider temperature swings. Having the right Indoor humidity is an essential part of comfortable living. Each time your AC is turned on, the indoor coil takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get cold enough to condense the water vapor. Here’s where an oversized AC will short-cycle. What this means is that your air conditioner will spend more time in this initial stage of “dry coil,” which means it will remove less moisture than necessary. When an oversized air conditioner is in cooling mode, the increased moisture allows your body to feel warmer.

Meanwhile, an HVAC system that is too small for your home will present a different set of problems. With this setup, you may experience the opposite with regard to humidity. Just like high humidity may make you feel too warm, low humidity levels can cause other issues, including chronic dry skin and respiratory discomfort.

Inconsistent cooling is another issue associated with an improperly sized air conditioner, which is designed to cool the air in your home and remove excess moisture. The air should pass over the evaporator coils, dropping the temperature by 20 degrees Fahrenheit. When the coil’s temperature is below the air’s saturation point, water vapor condenses on the coil’s surface.

It is also common for homes with improperly sized air conditioners to suffer from hot and cold spots. In other words, some rooms are considerably warmer than others. Some homeowners resort to buying a secondary AC to compensate for the lack of cooling power.

Benefits of a Properly Sized AC

Have you ever walked into your house on a hot summer afternoon and felt like the temperature was cool enough, yet the inside felt very humid? This problem happens because the cooling system is not properly sized. Like mentioned earlier, your AC not only cools your house, it they also pull moisture from the air. If the system is oversized, it won’t run long enough to wring that moisture out of the air, leaving you feeling warm and humid.

When you have a properly sized system, it will run in optimum conditions and provide your home with not only the right temperature, but also the right humidity levels. This humidification will enable you and your family to feel much more comfortable.

Also, you’ll be enjoying lower monthly energy bills. Since the system is working in ideal situations, you will notice a considerable decrease in your energy expenses. While you have no control over your area’s power costs, you sure can control how your AC performs.

When your AC is properly sized, it will have a longer lifespan. Your AC gets worn out faster by constantly starting up and shutting down. This means the lifetime of your equipment will be shorter as well. As mentioned earlier, an oversized system only runs for a short period because it cools off the house too quickly and then shuts off. This cycle is repeated over and over throughout the day, starting up and shutting down more times than a properly-sized air conditioning unit. This extra wear and tear means you’ll likely have more repairs, and you’ll be having to get a new unit altogether much sooner rather than later.

Ask the Cooling Pros

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