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4 Features to Look for in a Smart Thermostat

For many years, homeowners have relied on basic thermostats to provide them with an uninterrupted supply of heated or cooled air to make their homes comfortable. However, advancements in HVAC technology allow manufacturers to equip new thermostats with advanced features that can help increase your HVAC system’s efficiency while making life easier for you at the same time.

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A thermostat is responsible for maintaining the temperature in your home. It measures your home’s temperature and uses that information to turn your furnace or air conditioner on, depending on the thermostat’s setting.

While a regular thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature in your home, a smart thermostat can do that too, in addition to many other things. Smart thermostats can keep your home comfortable in the most efficient ways. With the use of modern technologies like Wi-Fi, these gadgets let you easily manage the temperature of your home from almost anywhere — as long as you have your Wi-Fi-enabled device with you.

Here are some of the special features you might want to consider when buying a new thermostat:

Wi-Fi Capability

Your main goal why you’re getting a smart thermostat in the first place is to have a mobile access. If you’re deciding on upgrading to a smart thermostat for the first time, one of the main features you should look for is its ability to connect via Wi-Fi. Find a model that can easily connect to your home network. Once the smart thermostat is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can control your HVAC system using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

However, be aware that not every smart thermostat works with every type of mobile device. Some thermostats will work only with certain mobile platforms, so before buying one, make sure that it actually works with your existing mobile devices.

Energy Reports

One of the benefits of using a smart thermostat is its ability to cut your household energy usage and costs by offering energy reports, which tell you how much energy you’re using throughout the month. With this information made available to you, a smart thermostat helps you develop more sustainable habits and make adjustments to your typical temperature settings.

Humidity Control

The ability to check your home’s temperature and make adjustments from anywhere with internet access is what attracts many homeowners to upgrade to a smart thermostat. But that’s not the only feature you should look for. Some models even allow you to control your home’s humidity levels. Being able to make adjustments to your home’s moisture levels is an essential part of creating a healthy and more comfortable living environment. Not only does it help you cut on your energy costs, it also lowers your risk of developing airborne diseases.

Indoor Air Quality Control Integration

You may already be one of those who use a thermostat and smartphone apps to adjust the temperature of your home. But have you thought of controlling your air purifier, humidifier/dehumidifier, ventilation systems, and other indoor air quality products with one device? This might have been a dream in recent years, but now, it is an absolute reality. There are certain smart thermostat models that offer Wi-Fi automation to control the HVAC and indoor air quality equipment altogether.

Not only do these thermostats allow you to enhance your overall home environment, but they also combine the controls into a total home automation system. With this technology, you can monitor and control indoor air quality issues from your smart thermostat.

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A smart thermostat can easily learn your family’s lifestyle, temperature preferences, and programs itself accordingly. When paired with a Wi-Fi-enabled device, a smart thermostat can make your life much easier and your HVAC systems more efficient at the same time.

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