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This winter, the last thing any homeowner would want is a malfunctioning furnace, which is the most important appliance that keeps you and your family snug amidst the relentless weather.

If your furnace is having difficulties doing what it’s supposed to do, know that there are simple steps you can take to diagnose the problem, which will help your technician fix it much quicker.

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your experienced heating company in Coon Rapids MN that offers professional furnace maintenance and repair services.

Take a look at these simple furnace maintenance steps.

Set thermostat to “HEAT”.

While this is something that sounds too obvious, but it’s also true. A lot of furnace service calls can be avoided by simply making sure the thermostat is set to “HEAT”. Since the switch can easily get moved like when cleaning or dusting, you should ensure the thermostat is set at a temperature that can activate the furnace.

However, if your thermostat is already set to heat and at the right temperature, but still fails to heat your home, you’re probably dealing with a broken thermostat. Aging, faulty wiring, an old transformer, and other issues can cause your thermostat to not work properly. In this case, HVAC experts recommend investing in either a programmable or smart thermostat.

Manage your furnace’s filter.

Your filter is responsible for cleaning the air that goes into the furnace as well as the heated air that circulates throughout the house. Air filters collect dust, debris, and other fragments in the air. Over time, the filter collects too much debris that it can restrain the air circulating through your system. This adds pressure to the furnace, causing it to work harder than it should.

If you have a fairly new furnace model, this may not be too much of a problem because it’s likely to have a feature that automatically shuts the system down before excessive dirt is gathered, signaling you to clean the filters. However, older units will keep on working – but with significantly lessened efficiency.

Replacing furnace filters varies by size and type. The dustiness of your home can also be a factor. If you have a larger home, more air is moved and will clog the filter much faster than a smaller one. If you have pets, you’ll have to change your filter twice as often. Pet dander and hair are some of the leading causes of allergens; they also clog filters much faster.

In addition, buy multiple filters and store them near the furnace, which will minimize the tendency to delay filter replacement. Buying in bulk can also reduce the cost of each filter replacement.

Also, avoid running your furnace with an incorrectly sized filter. An improperly sized filter will allow dust, debris, and contaminants to sneak around the filter, into the system, and into your home.

Moreover, if you’re unsure where your furnace filter is located, how to remove or install it, what size or type to buy, you should call a professional for help.

Ensure your furnace is receiving power.

If your furnace looks like it’s not getting any power, check your circuit breaker. Look for either a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. Turn the tripped breaker off and then back on. Replace the blown fuse with a new one. If the circuit breaker keeps on tripping, this could be a sign that there is a more serious electrical problem that needs the skills of a professional.

Clear the area around your furnace.

Some homeowners, especially the busy ones, tend to neglect some areas in their home such as the basement, where the furnace is commonly located. A basement can be cluttered, which can cause the furnace to not have enough airflow, making it harder to breathe. Keep the area around your system free from miscellaneous items and debris. Also, avoid storing flammable items near your heating system. Doing so can be a fire hazard, and can cause damage to your home and its occupants. For everyone’s safety, make sure the furnace is free from anything that may obstruct its airflow.

Professional Furnace Maintenance with Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning

If these simple steps don’t seem to fix your furnace problems, do not hesitate to call a professional. Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning has teams of qualified and seasoned HVAC technicians who can rectify any home comfort issue you may have. We are your leading Andover furnace repair contractor that cares about your safety and comfort above anything else.