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It is quite normal for your electricity bill to be higher in the summer due to high energy demands and more people are using appliances since the kids are on vacation. However, if you notice that your energy bill is unreasonably high, you should find out why.

Marsh Heating and Air Conditioning is your friendly HVAC company in Champlin MN that can help you professionally maintain your HVAC systems and avoid unnecessary energy bill hikes.

Here’s our free guide about identifying reasons for abnormally high energy consumption:

Inefficient Appliances and Light Bulbs

Over the course of time, electronic appliances in your home deteriorate and lose their efficiency. They also are highly likely to operate with ongoing issues, causing them to use more power.

You should also understand that older appliances were engineered with lower energy efficiencies compared to what the government requires today. For example, if you bought an air conditioner about 15 years ago, it probably had a SEER rating of 8 to 10. Today, minimum SEER standards range from 13 to 14, depending on the region. This means that new air conditioners are about twice as energy-efficient as the ones manufactured 15 years ago.

If you are still using inefficient appliances and light bulbs, you may want to consider upgrading to newer models. Look for ENERGY STAR appliances, which meets and even exceeds the government’s requirements for energy efficiency. According to ENERGY STAR, a typical household can save as much as $575 each year on energy bills by using appliances with their approval.

Substandard Insulation

According to the Department of Energy, your HVAC equipment is responsible for about 43 percent of your utility bills. Since July and August are usually the hottest months of the year, your energy bills are likely to be higher than normal. The larger the difference between the temperature outside and the temperature inside, the harder your air conditioner works to provide your comfort levels.

In most homes, insulation is the most practical and economical way to make a house more energy-efficient. If your home has substandard insulation, some of the cool air coming from your vents will escape elsewhere, wasting a considerable amount of energy. It’s best to ask your local HVAC company to assess and make improvements to your home’s insulation. If your home is properly insulated, you can keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which can save up to 80 percent in heating and cooling losses. In addition, proper insulation can reduce the condensation in your home, avoiding the growth of mold and mildew. Not only does it help lower your bills, but it also keeps your family safe from airborne diseases.

Metering and Wiring Issues

If you already switched to energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs but your energy bills are still unusually high, consider having your electric meter and wiring checked. Your meter is faulty when it still goes up even if your main electricity is turned off. This may sound uncommon, but faulty meters do happen. Ask a professional electrician to confirm that your meter is malfunctioning and have it replaced.

In addition, electricity leakage can happen when you have electric wiring issues, causing you to have high energy bills. Damaged wiring can also cause appliances that are plugged in to heat up and consume more energy. Similarly, ask an electrician to inspect your home’s electric wiring. If your home is found to have faulty wiring, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible because of its potential risk.

Low AC Refrigerant

Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to perform its job. It absorbs and evaporates thermal energy to bring in cool air into your home. In order for your AC to operate at peak efficiency, it needs to have the right refrigerant charge. The reason why your AC is low in refrigerant is most likely a leak, which can happen in the coils and lines that transfer the refrigerant. In addition to inefficiency, low refrigerant can also cause uneven cooling, which can waste energy and make you feel uncomfortable. A qualified technician can detect possible leaks, seal them off, and recharge your AC’s refrigerant to the correct level.

Ask the AC Specialists

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